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Stephani Parker (CEO)  is from Gary, Indiana by way of Atlanta, GA, Las Vegas, NV, and now Houston, TX. She has been singing for over 30 years and has performed with too many celebrities to name. She is a singer songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and international vocalist currently touring 12 months a year with her remarkable tribute to Whitney Houston entitled "Remembering Whitney The Greatest Voice of All." After tapping into 8 major cruise lines in just 3 years, Stephani has performed her shows on 6 continents and has received standing ovations every night. Stephani has now transitioned from sea to the Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada where she has launched PinkLightHER Productions. Located just minutes from The Las Vegas Strip, PLHP is a one stop shop for all things fitness, beauty, entertainment, music, songwriting, engineering, videography, and music production with a focus on women of color. Stephani did her 1st virtual tour with her brand new one woman show "Virtually Acoustically Said" which she performs all over the world for you right in the privacy of your own home.

 Stephani also played the role of "Judy" and headlined the late night Mayfair After Dark Show at the Mayfair Supper Club located in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! 

After 18 months away from the seas due to COVID-19 shutting the cruise industry down, Stephani is back touring with her Remembering Whitney TGVOA show with Royal Caribbean for all of 2024!

Stephani hopes to bring Remembering Whitney and her BRAND NEW TRIBUTE TO ELVIS PRESLEY to Las Vegas so she can spend more time with her Cat Max.

"I  just feel that its time the world has more women of color calling the shots when it comes to their careers."


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